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What does a portrait include

  • It involves capturing a person in various poses and settings.
  • It focuses on showcasing an individual’s personality.
  • It includes full-body shots and close-ups.

Why get your Portrait Done

  • It’s a great way to express yourself and be creative.
  • Capture a moment in time and treasure a lasting memory.
  • Document your unique personality and style.
  • Portraits can be used for professional purposes like networking events and social media profiles.

My expertise lies in portrait photography. I offer a range of services tailored to meet your

needs and preferences. I combine technical skills in lighting and posing as well as a

creative eye to create stunning and memorable portraits. My approach and style

include a simplicity and timelessness that will paint you in the best possible light.

Let me help you create lasting memories and express yourself.


For a session I charge $1250, which includes 10 portraits in an online gallery and

wardrobe consultation.

Each additional portrait costs $100.

I don’t offer hair and makeup services, but I am happy to make local recommendations.

Prints are available and pricing varies depending on size and quantity.

See more about my pricing.


My process


My portrait sessions usually last 2 hours and are customized to your needs.

Before the shoot, we will have a discussion or consultation where we go over what your

needs are in terms of style, location and props.

When you arrive, I will provide time for any touch-ups, and we can try out different

outfits if you are still making up your mind on what you would prefer.

Next, I will have everything set up for you and I will adjust the lighting to suit you. Then

we will try some different poses until we find what you’re looking for!

I will typically take between 200 and 300 photos, so there’s no need to stress. We will

get the shots you want!

Editing and post-process

My typical photoshoot emphasizes a natural look, lighting does most of the


Retouching is included in my portrait fee but anything beyond that has additional costs


After the shoot, we set up a time when we will review the proofs together and pick your

favourite ones!

I will share an online gallery with you within a week. Feel free to contact me if you would

like to get prints.

Check out my Canmore studio.

6 Additional Tips

I will go over any important details before our session but if you want to be extra

prepared here are some tips!

1. Wardrobe

  • Wear something that reflects your style.
  • Bring different outfits if you’re not sure what you want! We can always try out your different ideas during the shoot.
  • Make sure to wear something you will be comfortable in.
  • Don’t try to go for too many patterns or colours.
  • Trust that you know what will suit you best!

2. Grooming

  • Plan ahead, if you are thinking of getting hair styling, makeup or anything else done.
  • If you plan on getting a haircut or dyeing your hair, wait at least a week before booking a shoot.
  • Make sure your nails are clean and polished, since they might be visible in close-up shots.

3. Getting ready

  • To look you best get adequate sleep and keep hydrated before our session.
  • This may seem silly but remember to brush your teeth right before!

4. Posing

  • Spend some time in front of a mirror practicing different smiles or poses that highlight your best features.
  • Relax! Trust me to guide you through poses that work for you.

5. Location

  • You can choose to get your portrait done in my local studio or outside for a distinctive backdrop.
  • Feel free to consult me if you’re not sure where you want to get your photos done!

6. Relax

  • This will be a fun process so relax and smile!
  • Trust my expertise and that I will capture you at your best.

Let me help you capture a memory, express yourself or enhance your professional