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Highlight the Best of Your Business

You are keenly aware that developing a strong visual identity and branding is critical to drawing attention to the strengths of your business, as well as commanding attention in the crowded space of social media and other marketing.

As a professional commercial and architectural photographer, I am committed to working closely with you to provide photography images that highlight the quality and integrity of your business and attract attention in marketing materials, advertising, websites and social media marketing, or other marketing collateral as required.

I take the time to discuss and listen to your specific marketing needs to ensure I deliver photographs that are effective for the intended use, while also providing professional advice on how best to showcase commercial interests such as:

  • commercial or real estate offerings
  • custom home building or renovations
  • hospitality and hotel accommodations.
Visual Identity and Branding

Your company’s visual identity – namely your logo, photos and other visuals that you use to communicate with your customers about your service or offering – helps to engage people and establish customers’ expectations of your business. Your visual identity forms part of your overall branding strategy by reinforcing the experience you are offering. Photographs are a great resource for communicating your offering, whether it is a mountain lifestyle in a beautiful custom-built home or a remarkable adventure in the Rockies.

Professional photographs help to strengthen your marketing by ensuring that your photos speak effectively to the values and experience customers can expect from your company. A picture is worth a thousand words contact me to book a commercial photoshoot to ensure you are using photos to your advantage in social media and marketing materials!

Social Media Marketing

Sharing outstanding images of your projects, properties or offerings on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest can help you to directly engage with potential clients, as well as build awareness of your company. Professional images that reflect the quality and character of your work can contribute to the success of your online marketing strategy by drawing attention and distinguishing your company amidst the general furor of social media marketing.

I can work with you to create a portfolio of images for targeted social media marketing and provide a variety of file formats and image sizes optimized for your online marketing needs.

Marketing Top Property Rentals

Professional Photography Services for Rental Property Listings

You have a great vacation rental property – but how do you catch the attention of potential clients as they scroll through listings? According to Airbnb, properties that include professional photos attract 24% more clients and earn 40% more revenue than average listings in their area.

I deliver eye-catching professional photos that highlight the best aspects of your property, including wide-angle shots that reflect the warmth and spaciousness of your rental, as well as close-up views of key features.

I will photograph your property using top-of-the-line equipment, including cameras with wide-angle lenses, tripods and lighting to deliver the highest quality photos. My keen eye for composition and extensive experience shooting in real estate settings enable me to provide you with warm, inviting and natural marketing photos that will set your property at the top of the list for preferred rentals.

Your curated portfolio of high-quality images will be edited and ready for you within a week. Your images will be available for download via an online gallery created exclusively for you.

Additional packages and photo editing services are available; please inquire for details.

Book a Commercial Photography Session

Contact me to find out how you can use photographs to better engage and connect with potential clients through your social media and marketing materials.